Dr. Manel Fa-Binefa selected for the EFAS Research Fellowship Program 2024

EFAS Fellowship Committee selected the next fellow for the EFAS Research Fellowship Program 2024

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Congratulations to Dr. Manel Fa-Binefa from SEMCPT (Spain) who is the selected fellow by the Fellowship Committee for the EFAS Research Fellowship 2024. The fellow will have the opportunity to learn for the experts of the Centre ASSAL for Foot and Ankle Surgery in Geneve, Switzerland. The Supervisor of this fellowship is Dr. Victor Dubois Ferriere.

The center provides patients with a comprehensive and personalized care based on state-of-the-art research and by prioritizing non-surgical treatment options. The center's multidisciplinary team will ensure that patients receive a treatment whose effectiveness has been established through scientific evidence.

There are approximately 800 surgical interventions performed each year in the center, all fields combined (arthroscopy, arthroplasty, minimally invasive surgery, complex reconstruction of severe foot deformities, computer-assisted surgeries). The fellow will take part in between 20 and 30 surgical assistances per week.

The center has a multidisciplinary team with two leading surgeons. It includes the following specialties : orthopaedic surgeons, sports doctors, nurses (+specialized in wounds treatment) and a podiatrist.


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