Journal Best Paper Award

The Journal Best Paper Award, supported by the Foot and Ankle Journal, is given once a year in recognition for the best research study presented published in the journal during the past year. The Awards is given during the EFAS International Congress or during the EFAS Symposium.

The Selected research study will be remunerated with €1000 honorarium and an official Elsevier recognition certificate. 

Winners of the Foot and Ankle Journal Awards:

- 2022 FAS Best Paper Award:

H. Koivu, S. Kormi, I. Kohonen and H. Tiusanen

The motion between components in a mobile-bearing total ankle replacement measured by cone-beam CT scanning.

- 2021 FAS Best Paper Award:

J. Kim, J-B Kim and W-C Lee

Eccentric ankle arthritis in the sagittal plane: a novel description of anterior and posterior ankle arthritis.

- 2020 FAS Best Paper Award:

M. Peiffer, C. Belvedere, S. Clockaerts, T. Leenders, A. Leardini, E. Audenaert, J. Victor, A. Burssens and the Weightbearing CT International Study Group

Three-dimensional displacement after a medializing calcaneal osteotomy in relation to the osteotomy angle and hindfoot alignment

- 2019 FAS Best Paper Award:

Karan Malhotra, Matthew Welck, Nicholas Cullen, Dishan Singh and Andrew J. Goldberg.

The effects of weight bearing on the distal tibiofibular syndesmosis: A study comparing weight bearing-CT with conventional CT.

- 2018 FAS Best Paper Award:

Dr. Karan Malhotra.

Clinically significant gastrocnemius tightness in patients with foot & ankle pathology – how prevalent is it really?

- 2017 FAS Best Paper Award:

Dr. K. Dullaert, J.E. Hagen, P. Simons, F. Gras, B. Gueorguiev, R. G. Richards, K. Klos

Influence of tibialis posterior muscle activation on foot anatomy under axial loading: A biomechanical CT human cadaveric study