This is the situation where the bursa between the heel bone and the Achilles tendon is inflamed.


This area, which is normally very thin and almost virtual, gets swollen and inflamed because of increased friction.


The pain can be found just above the place where the tendon inserts into the bone and slightly to the sides.

Medical treatment

A raising of the heel allows the tendon to be somewhat removed from the bone and thus to reduce the friction between them. The combination with physiotherapy heals patients in most cases from “Haglund disease”.

Surgical treatment

Occasionally, surgery is considered, always with the aim of ensuring that no conflict occurs between the tendons itself and the bone: the removal of the excessive bone growth is made through arthroscopy or open surgery.

Another technique is taking out a piece of bone from the heel bone through an osteotomy. However, this requires a longer rehabilitation, since the two bone fragments, fixed with a screw, will only fuse again after a 6 weeks minimum.

During that period, the patient cannot lean on the ankle and often a plaster is needed.