EFAS Best Paper Award

The EFAS Best Paper Award, supported by the EFAS Research Committee, is given once a year in recognition for the best research study presented during the EFAS International Congress and EFAS Symposium.

The Selected research study will be remunerated with €1500 honorarium and an official EFAS recognition certificate. The second and the third best research studies will be also recognized and awarded with an EFAS certificate accordingly. Research topics can include basic science or prospective clinical studies in the area of the ankle, forefoot, or hindfoot.

Winners of EFAS Awards

- 2020 EFAS Best Paper Award:

M. Peiffer, C. Belvedere, S. Clockaerts, T. Leenders, A. Leardini, E. Audenaert, J. Victor, A. Burssens and the Weightbearing CT International Study Group

Three-dimensional displacement after a medializing calcaneal osteotomy in relation to the osteotomy angle and hindfoot alignment

- 2019 EFAS Best Paper Award:

Karan Malhotra, Matthew Welck, Nicholas Cullen, Dishan Singh and Andrew J. Goldberg.

The effects of weight bearing on the distal tibiofibular syndesmosis: A study comparing weight bearing-CT with conventional CT.

- 2018 EFAS Best Paper Award:

Dr. Karan Malhotra. Clinically significant gastrocnemius tightness in patients with foot & ankle pathology – how prevalent is it really?

- 2017 Elsevier Best Paper Award:

Dr. K. Dullaert, J.E. Hagen, P. Simons, F. Gras, B. Gueorguiev, R. G. Richards, K. Klos,
Influence of tibialis posterior muscle activation on foot anatomy under axial loading: A biomechanical CT human cadaveric study

EFAS Best Paper Award

Research topics can include basic science or prospective clinical studies in the area of the ankle, forefoot, or hindfoot.

The following selection criteria will be applied:

1. The applicant must be a member of EFAS.
2. The applicant must be the presenter of the study and the first author of the abstract.
3. The abstract must concern a basic science study or a prospective clinical study with a clear and sound basic science background.
4. The abstract must be written according to the general criteria of the congress for abstract submission.
5. The study has not been published or been accepted for publication in a peer reviewed journal.
6. Where applicable, the study has to be approved by a Medical Ethical Committee.

The 3 selected studies will be invited to present their research at the EFAS International Congress/EFAS Symposium during the EFAS Research Award session. Each presentation will be 15 minutes (12 minutes presentation, and 3 minutes discussion).

They will be evaluated by members of the EFAS Council, Research Committee, and Scientific Committee. The winner will be announced the last day of the congress/symposium.

If an abstract is selected for the EFAS Research Award session, the presenting author must register for the congress by the given deadline. In addition, the authors of the selected papers will be invited to write an extended abstract (2 A4-pages abstract).

Authors will have one week to accept the invitation, and another 3 weeks to write the extended abstract.

The EFAS Research Award winner will be stimulated to publish the paper with full publication warranty in the Foot & Ankle Surgery journal (the official journal of the EFAS) with the title “EFAS Research Award: [title of the study]”.

If the author wishes to publish the paper in another journal, the author is asked to write in the acknowledgment “This paper was winner of the EFAS Research Award [year]”.